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Welcome to Quill's page of permanently featured creators. A place where you'll find some of the most talented people in the creative world! Whether you're a dancer, a painter, a writer, blogger, proofreader, singer, or poet, your an artist and all art forms are important. In order to survive and go the distance in this crazy world we live in, we must help one another out. Please take a look them, visit their links, and help me support other creators who deserve the recognition. 



My name is Alex Micati and I'm a biodegradable writer of mystery novels. I'm often opinionated and happen to be a child-less provider of dad jokes. I'm also extremely kind when it comes to helping others promote their work. 



My name is Andrew. I am a full-time student majoring in psychology, a full-time homeschool teacher, and a personal chef to my family. I started writing about a year ago, initially for college but found that I enjoyed it so I stuck with it in my free time. I tend to write short flash fiction pieces that deal with my past trauma or current neurosis. I also have a kids' picture book in the works.



My name is A.E. Worth. I'm an author, poet, artist, and medical professional, currently residing in the state of Michigan. I wrote the Angel series as a trauma survivor, and I want to share what I experienced in an effort to prevent it from happening to anyone else. 


thumbnail_Dark Fairy.jpg

I started writing Sailor Moon fan fiction when I was about ten years old. This was before home computers were really a thing, so I handwrote over a hundred pages of it, just for myself. That’s how much of a dork I was (am). I read voraciously as a teen, and kept it up into adulthood. I kept writing and had some short stories and flash fictions published while going through grad school. Now, I’m just writing for the love of it. I have multitudes of books in my brain, and I hope to get as many of them out onto paper as I can. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I’ve enjoyed making them.


On the professional side of things, I graduated with a Bachelor’s of English teaching and a Master’s of English creative writing. I’ve taught English for over 15 years now including: middle school, high school, university, a summer program for creative writing, two adult education schools, and a school in South Korea (for a year way back when). I’ve been an editor and creator of student literature journals. I have also been published (and won contests) with my short stories, flash fiction, and poetry. The Dragon Kin is my debut novel, but more are coming, just you wait…

"The Gregzilla Of Writing & Kaiju Of Creativity"


Hi, I'm Greg Quinnell and I've been working on a novel series on and off for at least 18 years, which I am just now starting to put out into the world. It's called "The Warthian Chronicles" and is all about a contingent of sentient universes narrating stories taking place on or involving a planet they all have inside them (Warth, the twin of Earth).


Aside from writing, I am also a big reader, lover of musicals, mysteries, and escape rooms. I am also a big fan of Disney and Marvel - especially being a bit of a superhero myself, with my ADHD, OCD, and being on the autistic spectrum.



My name is Taryn and I love interviewing people on my blog, exploring the digital world, & writing about my (mis)adventures.

Further fueled by coffee!

The Ancient Millennial.jpg

"The Ancient Millennial"

My name is Lisa Nicole and I love making music with my husband, Daren Swanson, who plays incredible acoustic guitar. We currently have 4 albums available on band camp.
In addition, I'm an unprofessional screenplay writer and I hope that changes soon! I have quite a few movies and TV series floating around out there. 
I’m also the creator of insight decks and shrapnel jewelry, both of which you can find on my website!
I’m a huge supporter of friends and good people, it’s kinda what I do. One day, I WILL change the world.



Jill Safran is a spiritual life coach, writer, and tarot card reader. She is featured in the bestselling book “The Itty Bitty Book Of Words” for her view on “wise-mind,” an aspect of mindfulness that helps us make a connection to our head and our heart. She is also included in a children’s anthology on mindfulness called “Being Mindful.” She is certified in mindfulness, conflict resolution and mediation, neurolinguistic programming, life coaching, and laughter facilitation. Jill began meditating at the age of five without any instruction. She believes she was a mystic who lived among monks in a past life and has spent some of her time in this life living in an ashram with other spiritually like-minded folks. Jill currently runs a spiritual transformation group on the Meetup platform called Metaphysical Minds. In this group, she hosts many free interactive classes and events on metaphysics, mindfulness, mysticism, and tarot. During the Covid pandemic, she received a process in meditation that she used to help her defeat a 16-year-old opioid habit and a 7-year-old addiction to benzodiazepines. She is currently writing a book about this process and hopes to help many others use the method to overcome difficult challenges in their life once it is completed. If you are interested in this type of information, follow her on Twitter to learn of the book release and announcements of her upcoming classes at Metaphysical Minds.



My name is Steve and I am a proofreader and copywriter from Cheshire, United Kingdom. I am a meticulous proofreader with a strong knowledge of punctuation, and I particularly enjoy helping indie authors and students. As a writer, I have some experience of copywriting and would like to gain more. My main fields of interest are history, travel, politics, and sports. I am currently writing a booklet for my local museum in Cheshire, about some 17th century coins which were found in 1992.

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