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About the Author

   I’ve been writing since I was about twelve years old and began as a way to cope with bullying and trouble at home growing up. Writing has always been an escape from reality for me. I’ve often had difficulties with people, so having a deep emotional connection to my characters has been a coping strategy. Being an empathic author who generally doesn’t connect with many people in everyday life, I find I rarely kill off characters in my stories because of my emotional connection to them and how strong it is. Writing is the only thing I’ve ever felt I’m good at and I know I’m always with family when I’m heavily indulged in a story.

     Aside from losing myself in books, I’m also an artist. I do acrylic paintings as well as other fun and crafty things. My additional secret hobbies consist of gaming and just adoring the natural world. I was born on Earth Day and have always been a major advocate for the protection of nature and wildlife. I also studied anthropology, globalization, and web development in college. Learning is enjoyable for me and there’s always something new to discover!

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